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Just Move Sport, Arts and Culture Association

Goals and activities of the association

In order to achieve its goals, the association recruits members and accepts donations for its operation. It covers its expenses mainly from membership fees, event income, business activities, investment activities, donations from natural and legal persons and other income. The association manages its revenues independently and is responsible for its debts with its own assets.

One of the main directions of artistic activity is the fields of film and music, performing arts and creative arts, and fine and applied arts.

As another main direction of artistic activity, other health-preserving movement arts, such as martial arts, gymnastics, athletics, bodybuilding – body shaping, aerobic styles, yoga and other movement arts, health preservation, disease prevention, healing, health rehabilitation activities.


Support for spectacle team sports, ball games, technical sports


Support for logical groups, games, e.g. chess, go, etc …


Skills development, dissemination and promotion of these

Cultural activities

Preservation, development, renewal and promotion of cultural heritage


Scientific and research activities and their support


Social activities, family assistance, care of the elderly

Environmental Protection

Support for architecture and organic farming

Child and youth protection

Advocacy for children and youth

Equal Opportunity

Promoting social equality for disadvantaged groups

Protection of human and civil rights

Rehabilitation employment

Crime prevention and victim protection support

Activities related to national and ethnic minorities in Hungary and to Hungarians living abroad

Promoting the training and employment of disadvantaged groups in the labor market, including temporary staffing, and related services

Promoting Euro-Atlantic, national and macro-regional integration: the association supports fostering links and integration in the field of sport, culture, the arts and social equality for disadvantaged groups

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Association details:

Name: JUST MOVE Sport, Művészeti és Kultúrális EGYESÜLET


Address: 6723 Szeged, Felső Tisza-Part 31-34. J/19.

Tax number: 19561596-2-06

Registration number: 06-02-0002636

E-mail address: xxxakta(at)gmail(dot)com

Mobile: +36 30 719 1401 

Association bank account numbers:

Bank: OTP Bank

HUF: HU33 11735005-20544478-00000000

EUR: HU90 11763354-60626882-00000000

USD: HU05 11763354-60628011-00000000

CHF: HU49 11763354-60579027-00000000